The Icelandic Horse Farm

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About Our TTouch for Horses Instructors

Robyn Hood | Edie Jane Eaton  | Kathy Cascade

Robyn Hood

Robyn HoodRobyn Hood, who also happens to be Linda Tellington-Jones sister, has worked with Linda since 1965. She teaches training workshops, seminars and clinics all over North America, Australia and Europe. Robyn has been an integral part of developing the teaching program.

In addition to running the Tellington Training Canada office, she also serves as the editor of TTEAM Connections Newsletter, which she has done since 1982. Robyn, her husband Phil Pretty and their two children live in Vernon, BC where they import and breed Icelandic horses. Their farm is home to about 130 Icelandic horses as well as two dogs, several cats, turtles and a parrot.

Edie Jane Eaton

Edie Jane EatonEdie Jane Eaton is an international Instructor of Tellington Touch and TTEAM and a senior trainer of Companion Animal and TTEAM Practitioners in North America, Europe and south Africa. Edie Jane is also a Guild Certified Practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method for humans, from which the TTEAM work evolved. 

With her Feldenkrais background, Edie Jane brings a creative problem solving perspective to the work. Although she spends the majority of her time traveling and teaching, she enjoys spending time at her farm in Alcove, QC where you will usually find her tending to the garden.

Kathy Cascade

Kathy CascadeKathy Cascade graduated from the first US TTouch Practitioner Certification Program in 1996, and became a TTouch Instructor in 2003. Kathy is an innovative teacher who incorporates humor with an interactive teaching style. Her background as a physiotherapist and experience working with reactive dogs are a great asset to the program. She currently lives in Oklahoma (although will tell you she is "from Oregon!") and shares her home with five horses, three dogs, and four cats. Kathy's passion is riding her Icelandic horse, Dagur.