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Tellington TTouch for Horses Clinics
at The Icelandic Horse Farm

TTEAM Clinics at The Icelandic Horse FarmLike all of the clinics at the farm, the TTEAM clinics combine a huge amount of information, with an easy to learn, fun, hands-on format. Participants may choose to bring their own horse, or work with some of our many friendly Icelandics. These 5 or 6 day clinics are suitable for all levels of horse handlers, and delve into the 3 components of the work; TTouch Bodywork; TTEAM ground exercises, and Riding with Awareness, as well as an introduction to Connected Groundwork, and some Centered Riding lessons. [Note! See more photos in gallery below.]

Participants go away with a clear understanding of how to evaluate a horse’s physical tension and bracing patterns, as well as what bodywork to use when. Honing observation skills brings new awareness to handlers, and better assesses physical limitations in horses, and how these may be reflected in negative behavior.

The TTouch bodywork is taught in a hands-on manner, and is practiced on many different horses, as well as on people, to provide clear feedback on technique. By the end of the clinic most participants go away with many new tools to effectively deal with body soreness, stiffness, and improve overall wellbeing.

The TTEAM groundwork go through a variety of leading exercises developed to improve coordination, balance, posture, and straightness. These can be done on either side, with one handler or two, as well as ground driving, and “neck line driving” an exercise unique to the TTEAM work. These slow, mindful exercises serve to change habitual tension patterns, and ameliorate behavioral problems.

Combined with the Centered Riding lessons is the opportunity to “Ride with Awareness”, a toolbox of riding exercises, which may include the use of the balance rein, lindell, roller-bit, promise warp, and even bridle-less riding with the lariat neck ring, all used to help change the horse’s balance and body

As a complement to the TTEAM groundwork Robyn and Mandy have begun to incorporate the Connected Riding Groundwork with all horses. These exercises help to increase flexibility, improve impulsion, and create connection through to the hand while addressing bracing and tension in the body.

In most TTEAM clinics at the Icelandic Horse Farm, several days include Centered Riding lessons on our Icelandic Horses, or your own mount, with Sue Falkner-March, and focuses on rider awareness and bio-mechanics and how they influence the horse.

In addition to this, saddle fit, dentistry awareness, and work with foals, are often part of the areas covered, and vary depending on group interest and experience. Regardless of whether it is your first or fifteenth TTEAM clinic, and TTEAM clinic at The Icelandic Horse Farm is a great experience.

  • Robyn discussing saddle-fit in Western saddles.
  • Clinic participants practicing TTouches with guidance from instructor.
  • Adding a body wrap while neck line driving to improve body awareness.
  • Experiencing the joy of riding bridle-less for the first time.
  • Here a horse starts to feel the connection with “caterpillar”.
  • A group Centered Riding lesson on Icelandics.
  • Enjoying a delicious, homemade lunch in the sunshine.
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