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About Tellington TTouch for Horses

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An Overview

TTEAM (Tellington TTouch Equine Awareness Method) offers a training approach that encourages optimal performance and well-being. Based on the understanding that behavioural issues are often caused by pain, soreness, fear or tension in the body, TTEAM addresses these underlying issues through a combination of TTouch Body Work, specific TTEAM Ground Exercises, and Riding With Awareness.

TTouch Body Work

TTouch Body WorkTTEAM practitioners use a light touch exploration to find areas in a horse’s body that indicate tension, fear of contact, soreness or discomfort. Specific touches and movements known as TTouch are then applied to the horse's body and can release muscle tension, ease discomfort, and improve posture which leads to better mobility and performance. [Note! Click on images to see larger views.]

TTEAM Ground Exercises

TTEAM Ground ExercisesGround Exercises enable a horse to override habitual patterns of posture and movement and to learn without fear or force. Using a variety of obstacles including labyrinth, ground poles and plastic, TTEAM exercises in the “TTouch Confidence Course” results in improved self-control, focus, self-confidence, cooperation, balance and coordination. Moreover, many unique ways of leading a horse provide opportunities for both horse and rider to increase ability and coordination.

Riding With Awareness

Riding With AwarenessThe Joy of Riding combines Linda’s 50 years of teaching classical riding and her experience as a Feldenkrais practitioner. Riding with Awareness increases the comfort, performance and confidence of horse and rider.

With TTEAM training, Horses often demonstrate marked improvement in athletic skills and increased willingness and ability to perform. Not only does the horse benefit, but also a deeper rapport grows between horse and rider because of better understanding and more effective communication.

TTEAM offers positive solutions to common issues such as:

  • Sore back
  • Stiffness
  • Stress
  • Nervousness and tension
  • Inconsistent performance
  • Lameness or unevenness of stride
  • Cinchiness, bucking and rearing
  • Resistance to the vet and farrier
  • Head tossing and tail wringing
  • Biting or kicking
  • Pulling back when tied
  • Trailering
  • Resistance to grooming or saddling

TTEAM was developed by Linda Tellington-Jones. With an extensive equine background and show career in eventing, dressage, English and Western pleasure, jumping and steeple chasing, side-saddle and endurance riding, Linda has been teaching TTEAM throughout the world for the last thirty years. She is the author of 19 videos and 11 books in 12 languages.

TTEAM Connections Newsletter

TTEAM Connections NewsletterKeep up-to-date with all the news about the Tellington TTouch Method! TTEAM Connections: a quarterly, 32 page newsletter, is dedicated to educating people about the TTEAM and TTouch methods along with other complementary ideas to help increase our understanding of animals and improve behavior, well-being and performance.

You'll learn effective techniques to improve your horse's well-being, behavior and performance . . . read fascinating case studies . . . and stay up to date on TTEAM/TTouch trainings and seminars!

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