The Icelandic Horse Farm

5435 Rochdell Road
Vernon, BC Canada V1B 3E8
Phone: (250) 545-2336
Toll Free: (800) 255-2336
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About Versatility

The Icelandic Horse Farm Horses are Versatile!

Icelandic Horses are Versatile!While known for their distinctive 5 gaits and wonderful disposition, Icelandics can do, and often excel at, a huge range of activities. [Note! See more photos in gallery below.]

At The Icelandic Horse Farm we strive to have easy, well-rounded horses, who are just as comfortable tölting around the arena, as they are cantering over cavalettis or navigating a tricky trail obstacle.

  • Eldur learning to jump.
  • Skijoring in the winter.
  • Valur placing 4th in Barrel Racing at the Challenge of the Breeds in Edmonton.
  • Riding Jor bridleless.
  • Spori navigated the x-country course at the 1989 World Championships in Denmark.
  • Having fun bareback on Christmas morning.
  • Bragur ponying Cedric, a yearling thoroughbred destined for a life as a racehorse.
  • Geiri jumping the barrels with nice form.
  • Robyn driving Gjarfar.
  • Christine and Valur make their way around a course.
  • Valur and Christine navigate the obstacle driving class.
  • Flossi and Mandy enjoying a Sunday hack out.
  • Riding young Dagur with only a neck ring.
  • Valur in a trail class.
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