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About Kids & Icelandics

Kids and IcelandicsWith their friendly disposition, inviting size, and incredibly forgiving nature, Icelandics are often a great match for kids of all ages, especially those that just want to have fun. Most Icelandics are sane and safe enough for kids to enjoy through all sorts of activities.

Growing up with horses is not only a lot of fun and adventure but also teaches kids about compassion, love and responsibility for a four-legged companion who is always ready to lend a patient ear to hear about problems in school or with friends in exchange for a carrot.


  • Cooling off in Kalamalka Lake with Gloi and Flylkir.
  • Dressing up for a costume class.
  • Mandy at 18 months. When the legs are too short a stick will do the trick, although Jonaton is having to give the idea of going forward some careful consideration.
  • Mandy at her first TTEAM Advanced Training, in Colorado, where Robyn Hood, Linda Tellington-Jones and Peggy Cummings were in attendance.
  • Bragur, a breeding stallion, and his 9 year old rider practice in the arena.
  • Staying warm in the winter.
  • Mandy and Sleipnir get to know one another.
  • Borkur and Valur entertain a kindergarten class.
  • 18 month old Mandy on Reddi, a young stallion.
  • Getting a”foot up”.
  • Young Mandy.
  • Practicing balance.
  • Valur checking on Jesse.
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