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Icelandic Horse Farm

Hi Phil and Robin,

Mandy just finished her clinic at our place. I have to comment that I have a new and very favorable view of TTouch as well as Connected Riding. But what impressed me the most was your daughter, Mandy. She is a wonderful young lady and has a unique sense of people as well as horses. She balances encouragement and correction is such a way that you never feel embarrassed but constantly rewarded for each effort to understand. I'm sure you are very proud of her. Jeannette and I sure are.


Bernie Willis, Former President
United States Icelandic Horse Congress

I just returned last night from 5 days at a Centered Riding Clinic at Robyn’s. I’m still grinning from ear to ear and can’t stop talking about it. This has totally changed my riding and I have had absolutely no back pain all week! Unbelievable!

The horses are calmer and more responsive because of the new way I’m riding and I finally got to experience tölt for long stretches at a time thanks to Robyn’s wonderful outside track and the open field we used for a trail ride. Fabulous!

Everyone there made us feel like part of the family right away which, of course, makes it so easy to learn new things. Sue Falkner-March was awesome. Her use of mental pictures makes things so clear to the learner. Mandy is as talented a teacher/trainer as her mother (and just as gracious); Christine was so helpful with everything from the riding to saddle fit and beyond (especially when you pull the wrong horse out of the pasture); the place would fall apart behind the scenes without Phil and Walt (Mandy’s husband), and Robyn’s sister Susan made the best (low calorie) salad lunches! The only thing I wish could have been changed was totally out of their control – the temperature range was 98-120 degrees! But, schedules were re-worked to keep our sun exposure to a minimum while still getting our riding time.

The TTouch sessions were great – and will revolutionize the way I handle my horse from the time I go into the pasture to get her until I put her back after grooming, groundwork and a ride. Everyone learns at a different pace (no pun intended) and different things work for different people. This really works for me! This is the best money I have ever spent (other than when I bought my horses) and well worth the time. I encourage everyone to attend a clinic from Robyn or Mandy, if possible, and see if it works for you, too.

Missy Genova

Dear Robyn,

Your workshop was absolutely wonderful in so many ways, thank you. You and Susan and Christine and Mandy ( and of course Sue) all made us feel right at home. The food was fabulous, the snacks and cold drinks always so appreciated, your interest in our personal horse issues along with your thoughtful ways of responding was wonderful. Every detail, including music to ride to, photos of us, handouts, the trail ride, - so many things that made us feel cared about.

Robin Wellington

Icelandic Horse Farm

Just wanted to thank you again for the truly outstanding clinic. Even though I was tired from the drive, I was so excited to try some things with Brana that I got right out there this morning and we had a lovely time. After doing touches and connected ground work, I started doing S turns and circles over obstacles with my body without touching her and she followed me all over. It made me cry.

Thanks for the best summer camp a person could have!

Linda Eddy