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Event Information

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TTEAM Clinics at The Icelandic Horse Farm

Horse clinics combine a huge amount of information, with an easy to learn, fun, hands-on format. Participants may choose to bring their own horses, or work with some of our many friendly horses at the farm.

Six day Tellington TTouch Foundation Courses and the Starting Young Horse Clinics may count towards Practitioner Status. The majority of participants take these courses for their own knowledge and there is always a wonderful variety of skills, background, and experience.

All trainings have a good teacher-student ratio. There is always at least one assistant and larger trainings will have several. This ensures that students are supported in their learning and helps maintain safety.

Riding clinics are kept small to ensure individualized attention. We have a large selection of horses that moonlight as lesson horses for all levels of riders. They are excellent teachers and seem to enjoy this role, especially as it is not something they do day in, day out, all year long.

We have a large selection of helmets to borrow, if you can’t quite manage to fit yours in your suitcase, but require participants to wear appropriate footwear.

TTouch Foundation / Ongoing Companion Animal Trainings

TTouch Foundation and on-going trainings for companion animalsThese 6-day TTouch Trainings give you the opportunity to develop tools to enrich the relationship with your dog or other companion animal. You may be amazed to discover that some habits your pet displays that you have just learned to ignore or work around can be changed through non-violent methods.

Spend 6 days learning how to be with your dog in ways that will help your relationship grow and strengthen. You may discover that the belief "that’s just the way he is" or "he likes to . . ." may not in fact be true. Your dog may indeed be able to change some of the habits you both thought you just had to live with! In fact you may find that making small changes to your ways or attitude is all that is needed.

The TTouch method also addresses more severe issues such as aggression, fear, barking, leash-pulling, and provides techniques to help with the discomforts and difficulties of inevitable aging.

While the clinic will feature work with dogs you will also have the opportunity to work with other animal species. This will expand your knowledge of possibilities inherent in the Tellington TTouch method applied to all animals.

These clinics can stand on their own, if your primary goal is to improve your connection with your dog or cat through use of the Tellington-TTouch, or be counted towards the 2 year Practitioner Certification Program. Visit the Tellington TTouch Canada website for more information on the Practitioner Program. You may bring a dog with you, but it is not necessary for participation. If you are attending with a dog, please bring a water bowl, a bed for him/her to lie on (optional), and anything needed to make your dog more comfortable.

All trainings are 6 days. The Foundation Training can be taken by those who are interested in learning more about the TTouch work and will be counted as Session 1 of the six session, two year Practitioner Training Program if you choose to continue with the program.

For more information about the Canadian TTouch Practitioner Training Program please email us. You may also call us at (800) 255-2336 or snail mail 5435 Rochdell Rd. Vernon BC. V1B 3E8. More information about the TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner Certification Program is available on the TTouch Training Canada website.

General Information

Coffee, tea and spring water, along with snacks for break times will be provided at most of the trainings. Robyn is an incredible baker and makes a wide variety of homemade muffins, breads, and other goodies. Whenever possible, organic, local ingredients are sourced and many recipes are Gluten Free and made with Organic Coconut Oil and Coconut sugar.

Lunches are included at the workshops held at the Icelandic Horse Farm. These are varied, delicious meals that feature many local vegetables from the Farmers Market. Santa Fe Black Bean Salad, Chick Pea, Apple Curry Salad, Roasted Beet, Walnut, and Goats Cheese, Heirloom Tomato, Basil, and Buffalo Mozza, or Quinoa Mango Salad are just a few of the salads you will enjoy; paired with cheeses (our local dairy, makes a phenomenal raw Gouda) meats, and other sandwich fixings it is little wonder Robyn has recipe requests all summer long! Lunches are complemented with Citrus-Herb infused water and decadent dessert such as Paleo Fudge (Dark chocolate, coconut oil, almond butter, vanilla, and maple syrup), or Robyn’s World Famous Brownies – we am not exaggerating when we tell you these are the most delicious Brownies you will ever taste! She even perfected a Gluten Free version last summer!

Please be sure and note any dietary requirements you may have, we are extremely flexible and work hard to accommodate everyone’s needs.

You may also want to include a chair for yourself (optional), sunscreen and a hat for summer workshops. The Vernon weather can vary and while we will be working in a covered arena we have a large outdoor arena where we also do groundwork.

Vernon and Surrounding Area

The Okanagan Valley is a spectacular area filled with Orchards, small, world-class vineyards, and some of the most beautiful natural lakes in the world.

If you have “non-horsey” partners consider bringing them along! There are plenty of places to explore in the surrounding area, especially if hiking, fishing, mountain biking, golf, or wine is a hobby!

Silver Star Mountain Resort is located 45 minutes from the Farm and boasts an exceptional summer facility for hiking and mountain biking.

For the golfer, Predator Ridge Resort offers two World Class golf courses only 35 minutes from the Farm. The resort has excellent food, accommodations, in a beautiful grass lands setting. In the summer it is home to Hockey Canada so don’t be surprised to bump into one of the many NHL players who own summer homes there.

Just up the road from Predator Ridge is Sparkling Hill Resort. This picturesque hotel and spa features over 3.5 Swarvorski Crystals in its décor and was named Fodors Top 11 Trendsetting Hotels of the World in 2012. The European Style spa is world class and features unbeatable views on Okanagan Lake.

The Okanagan Valley is home to over 200 vineyards. Located 45 minutes from the Farm are 5 excellent examples of these; Intrigue (spectacular Gwertztraminer – even if you think you don’t like them), Graymonk ( try the Pinot Auxerrois or their Meritage), Arrowleaf (best value, great blends, and an amazing lake view picnic area), Ex Nihilo (superb Merlot), and 50th Parallel (try the Rosé if it’s available!).